Attempt Supervisor, formerly known as the Phone Dial Attempt Supervisor (PDAS), enables you to set a limit for the maximum number of contact attempts to an account or a phone number of a customer, as part of the dialing compliance plan.  Attempt Supervisor allows you to set rules and policies for the number of attempts that are made to contact a customer, based on factors such as the time of day, day of the week, and the customer's response to previous attempts.

The Attempt Supervisor feature provides configurable controls (rules) across voice, email, and Short Message Service (SMS) communication channels that cannot be overridden, eliminating the possibility of agent error. For example, by using Attempt Supervisor, you can make seven telephone calls in a seven-day period to a customer about a particular debt, along with a seven-day hiatus before you call that customer again.

Attempt Supervisor adds the call-blocking feature to the LiveVox Portal (LVP) using existing Phone Do-Not-Contact (DNC)/Do Not Dial (DND), Contact DND, and Contact+Phone DND flags.


If you change DNC, DND, and other flags outside Attempt Supervisor, then Attempt Supervisor rules might not function as expected. For example, manually adding or removing call blocks outside Attempt Supervisor, can affect the Attempt Supervisor rule.

If you have multiple client sites, you can use the Trusted Partners feature to manage rules across all your client sites. For more information, see Trusted Partners.

For information about roles and permissions associated with Attempt Supervisor, see the User Roles and Permissions section in the Product Documentation Library.

Attempt Supervisor Features 

Attempt Supervisor contains the following features: 

  • Limit the maximum number of contact attempts.
  • Search all contact attempts for an account, phone number, clients, or specific date.
  • Search for the number of contact attempts. 
  • Search for the number of attempts remaining for a specific account, phone number, or an account-phone combination.
  • Search for all active and expired contact blocks.


Attempt Supervisor provides the following benefits:

  • Greater control over voice, email, and SMS outreach.
  • Customizable or on-demand configurations.
  • Maximize contact attempts proactively with full compliance.
  • Align strategies with specific contact rules and regulations.

See the Examples of Rules topic to understand the scenarios in which you can use Attempt Supervisor.

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