In some instances, contact attempts made by your agents are not processed by Attempt Supervisor.  This can occur because the contacted number is busy or there is no answer from the customer.

The Attempt Supervisor processes contact attempts only from the following campaign types:

  • Voice channels: All outbound campaign types.
  • Digital channels: Starting from U17, all outbound email and SMS attempts and results.

The following list describes the contact attempts that are not considered actual contact attempts:

LV Result CodeResult 
83Account or Phone in Other File (Not Made)


Account Previously Contacted (Not Made)


Call Blocked (Not Made)


Call Suppressed (Not Made)


Duplicate Call (Not Made)

122Excluded via Compliance Policy (Not Made)


Excluded via Dialing Sequence (Not Made)


Group ID Code Not Recognized (Not Made)

95Insufficient Amount Due (Not Made)
82Invalid Dialing Sequence (Not Made)
94Invalid Phone Number (Not Made)
91Max Attempts Made Hung Up (Not Made)
92Max Attempts Made Machine (Not Made)
121Maximum Account Attempts Reached (Not Made)
89Missing or Bad Data (Not Made)
96Missing Customer ID Info (Not Made)
93No Customer Name (Not Made)
85Not Attempted (Not Made)
81Partitioned Do Not Call (Not Made)
120Preview Dial - Agent Skipped (Not Made)
90Regional Outage (Not Made)
119Scheduled Callback - Agent Skipped (Not Made)
98Specified Do Not Call (Not Made)
84Wireless Call Suppressed (Not Made)