LiveVox Administrative User Guides

Features and tools to manage the LiveVox Portal and other LiveVox products. 

Introduction to LiveVox

All the information you need to set up the LiveVox Portal.

Attempt Supervisor

Set contact attempt limits for accounts and phone numbers.

Call and Screen Recording

Configure call and screen recordings.

Campaign Management

Upload, create, run, and review campaigns.

Contact Center for Salesforce

Features to allow agents to handle customer calls directly from their Salesforce workspace.

Contact Manager

Manage customer attributes and view interaction history across all communication channels.


Configure the email channel and monitor emails.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Define the communication flow between your customers and your organization.

LiveVox Bot

Build and deploy a virtual agent to deliver personalized conversations for your customers.

LiveVox Unified Analytics

Performance Analytics dashboards that offer insights on inbound and outbound calls, chats, emails, and Short Message Service (SMS) statistics.

Private Branch Exchange

Connect brick-and-mortar, back-office, and contact center services for smooth customer transitions.

Secure Payment Capture

Process payments with the highest levels of data security and PCI compliance.


Configure the SMS channel and monitor SMSes.


Manage web widgets that customers can use to chat with agents and monitor chat queues.

Contact Center CRM Agent Desktop

Design Agent Desktops and manage agent experience.

Knowledge Base

Enable agents to efficiently assist customers and help customers self-serve using the Knowledge Base portal.


Manage workforce quality.


Build dynamic scripts to guide agents through a variety of customer interactions.


Configure a system to process customer service requests or issues.


Answer and place calls from anywhere while maximizing productivity and mitigating compliance risk.


Generate reports about LiveVox campaigns, agents, and performance.


Configure dashboards that display real-time metrics for the overall performance and progress of call centers.


The following table contains key terms used within the LiveVox environment. Term Descripti …

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