LiveVox Portal (LVP) Reports allow organizations to view and analyze data from their contact center operations.  You can use LVP Reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as call volume, call duration, call abandonment rate, and agent performance.  You can create custom reports and dashboards that can be used to track and analyze data specific to their business needs. Reports provide information on real-time monitoring and alerting, which in turn provides the ability to quickly identify and respond to potential issues. The reporting feature supports drill-down capabilities, allowing managers to view detailed information about specific calls, interactions, and campaigns.

You can export the reports to various formats, such as CSV, Excel, and PDF, and you can schedule report delivery. Additionally, you can also integrate LVP Reports with other systems, such as a CRM, to provide a more comprehensive view of customer interactions and support better decision-making.

Reports provide key performance indicators (KPIs) for various categories on LVP. For example, the Inbound Efficiency report provides KPIs pertaining to inbound call management and Contact Lookup Report provides you with information about attempts to reach a specific account.  You can use the Review tab in the LiveVox Portal (LVP) to generate and view reports for inbound calls, campaigns, customer interactions, agent performance, call-related statistics, billing, and analytics.

Features of LVP Reports

LVP provides the following categories of reports:

  • Inbound Reports: Inbound reports consist of the Inbound Efficiency Report and Inbound Phone Volume Report. These reports provide information related to inbound call statistics and key performance indicators.
  • Campaign Reports: Campaign reports display aggregate-level statistics for services and campaigns along with look-up features for particular accounts/numbers.  Your access level determines if you can view all or select data only. For example, the Contact Lookup Report provides you with access to all attempts for a specific account. Outbound attempts and inbound calls received by LiveVox are also displayed.
  • Call Reports: The Call Detail Report provides information about every account dialed during a selected date range. The Failed Operator Report provides additional information about the calls coded as Failed Operator Transfer.
  • Agent Reports: Several types of Agent reports provide you with information to help you plan and use agent resources efficiently. For example, the Agent Summary report provides agent-level metrics for selected periods. The Agent Summary Report can provide aggregate information for multiple days. This report allows you to quickly view an agent's overall metrics or compare those metrics with the average or other agents.
  • Billing Reports: Billing reports include Estimated Billing Duration Report, Email Billing Report, and SMS Billing Reports.
  • Analytical Tools: The Analytics category consists of Hourly Analytics, Operator Transfer Analytics, Service Comparison Analytics, Penetration Summary Analytics, and Penetration Detail Analytics. Analytical tools provide you with information on the contact patterns of consumer campaigns. 
  • Reporting Data Retention Policy: Reporting Data Retention Policy provides you with information on the maximum number of days of historical data available for each report. The policy also lists the max number of days each report can span.
  • Reports generated on the platform display the phone numbers in an international format. For example, the Phone column in the Recording Events Report shows the phone numbers in the international format that includes the + symbol and the country code.