LiveVox Portal provides tools and resources that helps to optimize the performance of the contact center operations, monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of customer interactions. LiveVox offers a comprehensive quality monitoring workflow to accurately assess the performance of an agent by recording, analyzing, and scoring agent-customer interactions. You can create custom scorecards and set the scoring criteria for various interactions, enabling you to evaluate and monitor performance based on your organization’s needs.

You can set up alerts and notifications for multiple tasks, agent shifts can be scheduled, and work queue tasks can be tracked, which helps manage compliance and regulatory requirements. It also enables you to identify skill gaps and training needs, assist in agent training, and research customer complaints thus helping managers to improve agent performance.


The WFO tab enables you to:

  • Listen to call recordings, understand customer sentiments, and monitor the active/silent time of an agent using SpeechIQ/SpeechIQ+.
  • Enhance agent skills by providing training at regular intervals using ELearning.
  • Track the progress of different tasks using Work Queue.
  • Forecast staffing requirements, implement and adjust schedules, monitor adherence to schedules by the agents, and generate shift reports using Workforce Management.
  • Elearning and Work Queue are available at no additional cost.
  • Workforce Management is available as part of CRM. CRM comes at an additional cost. Contact Customer Support for more information.

The Work Force Optimization (WFO) tab of the LiveVox Portal (LVP) facilitates the following workflow tasks.

When enabled, the WFO tab appears on the left panel in the LiveVox Portal.

To check if WFO is enabled for your site, navigate to Configure > Client / Service > Client editor > Billing tab > WFO section.

  • To view the add-on products enabled for your site, go to Configure > Client / Service > Client editor > Billing tab > WFO section.
  • Contact LiveVox Customer Care to discuss the add-on product setup for your site.
  • For information about who can access SpeechIQ, see the User Roles and Permissions section in the Product Documentation Library.

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