Inbound call routing is a process used to direct incoming voice calls to the most appropriate destination or agent within an organization. The goal of inbound call routing is to ensure efficient and effective handling of incoming calls, improve customer service, and streamline communication processes.

Phone numbers are associated with inbound services for routing purposes. The inbound services route and/or blend the incoming calls based on call flow and the specified routing settings. Through the use of routing settings such as Service Groups, Agent Teams, and Agent skills, calls can be blended and routed to specific agents logged into the LiveVox platform. 

When a customer calls one of your company’s phone numbers that you have procured from LiveVox, the call is placed in a queue and then routed to an agent or a group. How that call is routed depends on your inbound routing process. For example, you can route an inbound call specifically to the agent assigned to an account or to the agent who last spoke to the customer.

The following topics describe the Inbound Routing process: