The following section describes how to create a message and associate the message with the contact flow. 

Creating a message is necessary to introduce new messaging or test a change. These instructions help you create a new message, but it is even easier to simply select an existing message similar to your final product, select Copy, and edit the copy.

To create a new message:

  1. In the Configure > Messaging > Messages window. click the Add button.

  2. The first screen of the Add New Message wizard appears.
    1. Specify the New Message Name and New Message Description.
  3. Click the Next button to get the second screen of the wizard.
    1. Select the filter option from the Filter By drop-down menu. This option allows finding Contact Flows based on NameDescription, as well as Module name.
    2. Select the Contact Flow from the Select the Contact Flow drop-down menu. Since the Contact Flow defines both messaging and Contact Flow, the Contact Flow selected will determine how your calls are handled. Contact Flow drop-down menu options display icons next to the Contact Flow to identify standard Contact Flows () which are provided by Livevox and created by the user (). The list of Contact Flows will show the name and its type (Standard or custom). If you created a Contact Flow using the Contact Flow Engine and want to apply it to a Message, choose it from the dropdown.  Alternatively, frequently used LiveVox Contact Flows are below, and properties are described on the Message Properties Supplemental page.  
      • For IVR-based outbound dialing, with multiple ways to bridge to agents in the Service (for instance if right Party AND if wrong Party).
      • A_RPC_11
        • For Right Party Connect logic, requiring the answering Party to confirm their identity before the call will be bridged to an agent.
      • QC_ALL_TYPE
        • For Quick Connect logic, bridging answering Parties immediately into agents.
        • Will also be assigned to Manual Services and as the Preview Template.
      • U_MSG_ONLY_1
        • For Message Only logic, leaving messages on live Party answers and/or answering machines.
      • INB_A_XFER
        • Primarily for inbound Services with a basic navigable IVR.
      • A_WPC_5
        • For IVR-based outbound dialing, with multiple ways to bridge to agents in the Service (for instance if right Party AND if wrong Party).
    3. The Modules Assigned field displays the module being used by the Contact Flow.
    4. The Preview screen allows a full-screen view of the Contact Flow. 

      When Email Contact Flow is selected, the Contact Flow details show differently. Since Email Contact Flow is provided by LiveVox and has only email modules, the Contact Flow details display the template selection and the template preview. 


  4. Click the Next button to get the third (final) screen of the wizard. This screen displays the summary of the user's selection.
  5. Click the Save button to save changes.
  6. Assign phrases for each property. A property can be an instruction (requiring 1/0, a phone number, etc.) or a phrase, indicating the words to be used for messaging.
  7. The Message is ready to be applied to a Service once it has been processed for use.  To do this processing click the Deploy buttons.