This tab allows to adjust current agent desktop. The configuration in this tab reflects the pieces of data which appears on your agent's desktop while working a call. Customer data (name, account number) displayed comes from your input file and while call data (phone number, inbound vs outbound) comes from LiveVox.

To access the screenpop configuration, navigate to Configure > Agents Agent Desktop > ScreenPop tab.

The following tables describe the fields and options that appear on the ScreenPop tab of the Agent Desktop editor.

Copy data from clipboard

Allows you to select the field from the drop-down menu to be copied to the agent's clipboard.

Click the link next to the Copy data from clipboard options to select a field and click  to clear the selection.


Adds new information field. Clicking the Add button adds new field to screenpop. You are prompted to enter the following data field information:

  • Source - Allows to configure call transactions, file (campaign) based values, Call Flow, and Contacts variables. According to configuration, source fields are displayed to the agent (screenpop).
    • Default - Select the option to display call transactions and file based values.
    • Contact - Select the option to display the configured Contacts manager variables.
    • CallFlow - Select the option to display customer IVR responses or web service calls.
  • Key - The database location to display. This location may reference data from the input file or information on the current call.
  • Display Name - The descriptive label for the field, shown on agent screen.
  • Delimiter - Only necessary for Transformations.
  • Position - Only necessary for Transformations  (see Unpacking a Transformation on the Desktop).
DeleteDeletes selected field.
Move UpMoves the selected field up one space.
Move DownMoves the selected field down one space.

To save changes, select the Save Agent Desktop button in the bottom right.