Profiles help support compliance policies for dialing and messaging. The policies, which are regionally based, contain parameters for limiting when you are able to contact customers through calls and SMS messages. Each Profile created on the LiveVox Portal has an ID, Name, and description associated with it. Each profile can contain voice, and SMS policies listed under it. For example, a profile can have a voice policy for California with details such as the Day, Area code, start time, end time, do not dial, and do not leave message parameters defined for it, as required.


You add policies to set or restrict contact rules. You can set a policy to restrict contact times, and messaging options, or entirely block contact to a given state or area code. You can set policies for specific days or for all days. Voice and SMS policies are separated in the policy and each has a tab. You can add, or modify a policy, and set its hierarchy on the LiveVox Portal.  You can create voice or SMS policies for each Profile in LVP by specifying the Country, State, Area Code, Day, Start Time, and End Time, Do Not Dial, and Do Not Leave Message parameters.  

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