You can automatically create recurring campaigns that include contacts based on a filter for any day or time of the week through a scheduled campaign job.

To create a scheduled campaign job:

  1. On the Configure tab, click Contacts > Contacts.
    The Contacts window appears.
  2. On the Scheduled Campaign Jobs tab, click Add.
    The Jobs window appears.
  3. On the General tab, specify values in the following fields:

    • Filter: Filter based on which you want to include contacts in the campaign job.

      This field contains the advanced filters created on the Contacts tab. For more information, see Filtering Contacts.

    • Enabled: Indicates if the scheduled campaign job is active.

    • Notification Email List: Email addresses to which you want to send a success or failure notification whenever the campaign job is triggered. 

      Separate multiple email addresses with a comma (,).

  4. If you want to specify the campaign parameters, use Set Campaign Parameters.

    For more information, see Creating a Campaign.

  5. On the Schedules tab, click Add

    The Schedule window appears.
  6. Specify values in the following fields:

    • Days: Days for which you want to schedule the campaign job.
    • Start Time: Start time for the campaign job (in hours and minutes).
    • Time Zone: Time zone for the campaign job.
  7. Click Ok.
    The schedule is created, and it appears on the Schedules tab. 

    To delete the schedule, hover over the row displaying the schedule, and then click the close icon delete icon.

  8. Click OK.

    The scheduled campaign job appears on the Schedule Campaign Jobs tab.
  9. Click Save.
    The scheduled campaign job is created. When the campaign job is triggered, a campaign is created based on the specified filter and parameters, and it appears in the Campaigns window.

    • The Campaigns window appears when you click Campaigns > Campaigns on the Configure tab.
    • If segmentation has been assigned to a campaign, the Service column on the Scheduled Campaign Jobs tab displays the service of the parent campaign.
    • You can create a maximum of 20 campaign jobs.

Managing a Scheduled Campaign Job

On the Scheduled Campaign Jobs tab:

  • You can modify a campaign job by double-clicking the row displaying the job.
  • You can view the history of a campaign job by double-clicking the row displaying the job and then clicking the Job History tab, which displays the following columns:
    • Start Time: Time when the job started.
    • End Time: Time when the job ended.
    • Duration (in secs): Time taken to complete the job, in seconds. 
    • Status: Status of the job (that is, Success or Failure).
    • Message: More information about the status of the job.
  • You can delete a campaign job by hovering over the row displaying the job and then clicking the close icon delete icon.
  • After you create, modify, or delete a campaign job, click Save.