This section covers inbound routing tools and options that allow users to control the level of inbound blending. Phone numbers are associated to inbound services for routing purposes. The inbound services route and/or blend the incoming calls based on call flow and the specified routing settings. Through the use of routing settings such as Service Groups, Agent Teams, and Agent skills, calls can be blended and routed to specific agents logged into the LiveVox platform. This increases agent efficiency by letting them work outbound campaigns and handle the generated inbound traffic simultaneously. Use the following links for specific details:

  • Preferred Routing and Agent SkillsPreferred Routing specifies the routing method and the overall routing framework. Agent Skills allow the user to further narrow call routing to subsets of agents for specific routing purposes.
  • Changing Inbound Call Center Hours: Inbound hours can specify different call flow actions during operating hours and non-operating hours.
  • Contact Flows: Users can design individual/custom call flows to meet specific routing needs and options.