Agent Skill allows managers to classify agents for preferential routing of inbound or outbound traffic based on an attribute the agents may possess, the type of clients they handle, or their proficiency (level of expertise) handling certain call traffic.  

A skill assigns the routing priority or limits the routing to specific agents. These skills are assigned to exit points of a Contact Flow and may represent an agent’s variable ability to handle customer language, business line, value of account, or other factors. For example, managers may assign skills based on multi-language capabilities or strong collection experience and link them to accounts that require these qualifications. The logic that specifies which accounts or calls will utilize a given skill is defined at the message level and is applied based on the service group type of the service contributing to the call traffic.

Skills/Agent associations can be mapped by skill or by agent for ease of use.

Mapping by Skill

  1. To specify agents assigned to a skill navigate to Configure > Agents > Agent Skill. This is useful for when a new skill is made and many agents need to be added.
  2. Double-click on the Agent Skill row to map agents to the selected skill. The below window appears.
  3. Select Proficiency from the drop-down options.
  4. Search required agent(s).
  5. Select one or multiple agents from the Available column and transfer to the Assigned column by clicking.
    Use the Assign All option to assign all the available agents from Available list and the Remove All option to remove all the assigned agents from the Assigned list.
  6. Click the Save button.

Mapping by Agent

To assign an agent to the selected agent skill:

  1. Navigate to Configure > Agents > Agents. Double-click the required Agent row. 
  2. Select the Agent Skill tab.
  3. Select a Proficiency level. Proficiency 1 is the highest (will receive calls first) while 10 is the lowest.
  4. Click on the skill from the Available column to move to the Assigned column. Click the Assign All and Remove All buttons to move all the skills from one column to the other.
  5. Click the Save button.