Requeues are additional dialing passes after a campaign has finished dialing or has been stopped manually.

After a campaign has finished dialing (or has been stopped manually) and reported, you may requeue the campaign to run certain results again, and make multiple passes on a single file without having to reload it.

  1. To create a requeue, select a campaign from the Campaign Grid and click the Requeue button in the lower right of the Campaigns panel. 

    This will bring up the Requeue Campaign window.

  2. Assign dial characteristics as you would for an uploaded campaign.
  3. Click Requeue to finish. The new campaign will be available to build and dial from the Campaign grid.

Subsequently-requeued files are appended by a file extension of ".r1" representing each prior requeue. For example:

  • Requeue of original file = .r1
  • Requeue of first requeue (.r1) = .r1.r1
  • Requeue of second requeue (.r1.r1) = .r1.r1.r1

Sequentially-requeued files have file extensions such as .r2, .r3, etc.

The example below illustrates the original file requeued in both a subsequent and a sequential manner.

It is recommended to set up your campaign requeues by only building requeue files from the previous campaign (subsequent requeues). Failing to do so may result in redialing an account that was previously an RPC or Live Party by not taking into account that prior run's outcomes.

It is possible to requeue a campaign file on the same service or across services (cross-service requeue). Depending on the service settings, you may have the ability to requeue a campaign on a different service by selecting the service when assigning dial characteristics. This allows you to run on an RPC service first, for example, and then requeue certain results to be run on a Quick Connect service for the second pass.

  • You can only requeue within a set of services in the same Call Center.
  • You cannot requeue on a service that has custom (different input) logic.
  • Wireless numbers can be allowed or suppressed regardless of which wireless setting was assigned to the parent campaign.
  • Wireless numbers previously scrubbed will not be available to dial.
  • At this point, you can also add or change the Messaging, Scheduling, or Dialing strategy options.
  • When scheduling requeue campaigns you can choose to run the campaign on a schedule you determine on either the same day as the original run or the next day.
  • By default, the number of requeues is unlimited.  You cannot requeue campaigns older than 14 days.