The Messaging tab contains the inherited filter, input filter, contact flow results rule set, and the list of Properties section. You can add (Add Property button), delete the property (select the property and click the Delete icon), and edit properties (double click on the property). You can also look up a property by selecting the Lookup Properties button. The properties are maintained by LiveVox and should not be edited unless you are a very experienced user. For Inbound Services, the message is located in the Phones tab (Inbound Message). 

Input Filter(s)

  • Inherited Filter: Displays the client level default or the filter that will be used, if nothing is specified in the Input Filter field.
  • Input Filter: Displays the service level default which supersedes the inherited or client-level Input Filter default.
  • Contact Flow Results Rule Set: Displays the Rule Set associated with the given Contact Flow of the given message that is assigned to the service.


  • Lookup Properties: Displays the Property(s) window, which enables you to search for a property and the associated service.

  • Add Property: Displays the Add Property window. Select the property name from the drop-down list, and then add a value for the property. Click Ok to add the property and Cancel to discard the changes.
  • Delete Property: Enables you to delete a property. To delete a property, select the property, and then click Delete Property.