You can access the Designer Desktop from the Agent Desktop window or the main LiveVox Portal (LVP) window.

Accessing through LVP

To access Designer from LVP:

  1. On the landing LVP page, click the icon.
    The Designer option is displayed along with the other available options.

    Note: LiveVox provides a default desktop for agents to use; however, to customize the agent desktop, you must have a Contact Center CRM license. For more information on Billing information, see Billing Tab.

  2. Click Designer
    The Designer window appears. 

Accessing through the Agent Desktop

To access Designer from the Agent Desktop:

  1. On the LiveVox Portal (LVP), go to Configure tab > Agents > Agent Desktop.
    The Agent Desktop window appears.
  2. In the Desktops field, select any Agent Desktop.
  3. Select the Agent Panel + Designer option.
    The Edit Agent Desktop window appears.

  4. On the Designer tab, in the Designer Desktop field, select a required agent desktop, and then click the Open Designer in new tab icon Open Designer in new tab icon.
    The Designer browser tab displaying the Designer window appears.

You can view the following information in Designer by using the avatar icon :

  • Your name and role
  • LiveVox version
  • About LiveVox
  • Customer support