To view existing agents, navigate to the Agents section by selecting Configure > Agents > Agents from the navigation panel.

  • Agent fields are listed on the General tab while dialing service assignments are available on the Agent Mapping tab.
    Use the cog icon in the upper right corner of the Agents editor to customize the column display.
    1. Click the cog icon to open the Customize Column window.
    2. Use the checkbox to select the field you want to be displayed and uncheck those that should be hidden. Use the Select All checkbox to select all the fields.
      The following tables describe the fields that appear (in columns) on the Agents window when viewing an existing agent's records.

      IDAn internal LiveVox reference number.
      Logon IDUnique name used by an agent when logging in to the agent desktop.
      Agent TeamThe agent team to which the agent is assigned. 
      First NameFirst name of the agent.
      Last NameLast name of the agent.
      Wrapup TimeLength of time allowed in wrap-up mode between calls.  Calls, where agents are pushed out of wrap up, are terminated with a generic “Operator Transfer” result.
      Audio Path (Out)Displays the agent's phone number. 
      Mobile NumberDisplays the mobile number of the agent.
      ExtensionDisplays the agent extension, if applicable.
      Home AgentChecked if the agent could change the phone number at sign in.
      ActiveChecked if the agent is allowed to sign in.
      Last LoginDisplays the last login date and time for the agent.
      Last IPDisplays the last IP used by the agent on the last login.
      EmailDisplays an agent's email address.
      Cost Per Agent-HrDisplays an hourly cost for an agent.
    3. Re-sequence the fields by selecting a field and moving it up or down using the appropriate arrows.
    4. Choose which field to use for ordering the displayed information from the Sort Order drop-down.
    5. If you prefer ascending order, select the Ascending checkbox.
    6. Click Ok to update the view.
  • You can sort the displayed data by criteria in ascending or descending order by clicking on the criteria (field) name.
  • You can include only select data using a text entry in the Search tool or by using the Filter menu. Options available under Filter as below:
ActiveAgents with a check in the Active box (can sign in).
AllEvery agent regardless of active/inactive/locked status.
InactiveAgents without a check in the Active box (CANNOT sign in).
LockedAgents that entered too many incorrect passwords (5 is the default) on the site's configured limit (CANNOT sign in).
Agent TeamAgents assigned to a specific agent team.