The Services tab of Client editor displays the details on each service, including current dialing information.

Using the cog icon in the upper right-hand corner, you can specify the inclusion of fields, order, and which field is used to sort the list. Double-clicking a service name opens the Services editor.

The Services tab displays the following fields:

  • Service ID: Displays the LiveVox assigned unique identifier code.
  • Service Name: Displays the name of the Service.
  • Service Type: Displays the service type for the service name.
  • Call Direction: Displays the call direction, whether the service launches outbound calls or receives inbound calls.
  • CIP: The number of calls currently in progress.
  • Talk: Total time agent was in call.
  • Wait: Number of calls currently waiting in the queue.
  • Time On Hold: The longest hold duration of all calls in the hold queue for the call center or service.
  • Calls Connected: Total number of connected calls/transactions.
  • Call Failed: Total number of calls that terminated without a connection.
  • Calls Transferred: The number of calls presented to the service for ACD routing.
  • Call Center: The Call Center in which the service is organized.
  • Caller ID: Displays the Local Caller ID.
  • Operator Phone: The number used when dialing using extensions rather than DIDs.
  • Callback Phone: The number used in answering machine messages.
  • Message: Displays the properties as set in Messaging tab.
  • Inbound Message: Displays the message associated with the inbound service.
  • Inbound Number: Displays the number associated with the inbound service.
  • Number Type: Displays the Number Type by Agent at ready in, Callback, Caller ID, Group voice mail, Inbound, Local caller ID, Other and Personal voice mail.