Using the SMS Channel window, you can:

  • View the configured long code and short code SMS numbers from which you can send SMS messages to customers, on the Codes tab.
  • Assign the SMS numbers to specific services, using the Codes tab.
  • View the names of the active agents who can access the SMS channel, on the Agents tab.
  • View the SMS settings for all services, on the Services tab.

Accessing the SMS Channel Window

To access the SMS Channel window, on the Configure tab of the LiveVox Portal (LVP), click SMS SMS Channel.

The SMS Channel Window

The following table describes the columns that appear on the tabs in the SMS Channel window.


NameName that indicates the use of the SMS number.
SMS CodeSMS number used to send and receive SMS messages.
DescriptionDescription of the SMS number.


Logon IDLogin ID of the agent who can access the SMS channel.
First NameFirst name of the agent.
Last NameLast name of the agent.
Last LoginDate and time when the agent last logged in to the Agent Desktop.
ActiveCheckmark to indicate that the agent is active.
SMSCheckmark to indicate that the agent can access the SMS channel.
VoiceCheckmark to indicate that the agent can access the voice channel.
EmailIndicates through a checkmark if the agent can access the email channel.
ChatIndicates through a checkmark if the agent can access the chat channel.


IDID of the service associated with the SMS channel.
NameName of the service.
Inbound SMS CodeShort code or long code for routing inbound SMSes to the service. 
SMS Opt-In MessageMessage displayed in the SMS when an SMS campaign is launched for the service.
Inbound MessageInbound message template for inbound SMSes.
SMS Compliance EnabledIndicates through a checkmark if the SMSes sent to customers comply with the policies in the profile assigned to the service. 
SMS Consent RequiredIndicates through a checkmark if the customer's consent is required for sending an SMs to the customer.

If you want to modify the SMS channel information, contact the LiveVox Customer Care Team.

Assigning an SMS Number to Services

You can assign an SMS number to specific services so that only the assigned SMS number is available to the agents logged in to those services when the agents send an SMS message (transactional). 

When an agent responds to an SMS, by default, the SMS number used in the response is the same as that associated with the original SMS thread; the agent cannot modify that SMS number.

To assign an SMS number to services:

  1. On the Configure tab of LVP, click SMS > SMS Channel.
    The SMS Channel window appears.
  2. On the Codes tab, double-click the row displaying the SMS number that you want to assign to services.
    The SMS Channel pop-up window for the selected number appears.
  3. In the Available Services section, select the services to which you want to assign the number.

    You can select all services together by clicking Assign All in the Available Services section.

    The selected services appear in the Assigned Services section.

  4. Click Save.
    The SMS number is assigned to the selected services.