To access the Contact Flow Engine, go to Configure > Messaging and then click Contact FlowThe Contact Flow window lists all available contact flows in the portal.

When you click Add or double-click any of the rows, the Edit Contact Flow window appears, with the following tabs, buttons, and options.

Contact Flow 

Displays the contact flow in a graphical view.

This is the main interface for viewing and modifying a contact flow. The display includes different panels for contact flow modules, font formatting, and a quick navigation outline.

  • Modules

    A module is a container where messaging and logic properties are defined. Modules are located under the expandable panels. Hover over each module to view a short definition of its functionality.
    After you drag and drop a module onto the contact flow palette, you can define its messaging and logic properties by double-clicking that module and adjusting the values on the Message Properties tab. For more information, see Understanding Modules.

  • Formatting
    This menu appears only when you select a module in the contact flow. The formatting menu allows you to change the font format, color, fill, etc. of modules and connectors within the contact flow display. You can highlight a specific module within the contact flow or color-code connectors based on function or direction. 
Contact Flow Properties

The system-level properties here are unique within the contact flow. You only need to define these properties once, because they retain their values within the contact flow and in any message that you create using the contact flow. These system properties do not include the module ID as a name prefix after you save the contact flow.

  • ACD Proficiency (1-10) Wait Time: the amount of time (in seconds) that the Service Group searches for an agent with a specific proficiency.
  • ACD Max Wait Time In Queue: the cumulative amount of time (in seconds) that the system must spend to continue looking for agents with specified proficiencies. This value is generally less than the service Max Hold Time.
  • Post Call Digital Message Id: ID of the message used in contact flows to proactively contact customers after a call ends.

The platform first searches only for agents with Proficiency 1 for the wait time you specify. After that, the search expands to include Proficiency 1 and 2 for the additional time specified for Proficiency 2, and so on. If the Max Hold Time for the service has been reached and a properly-skilled agent is not available, the Service Group configuration decides the platform behavior.

Service Group configuration

Platform behavior

strict_overflowThe platform stops attempting to route the call to a properly-classified agent and routes the call to the first available agent, regardless of classification. 
strict_classificationThe call will take the failure path, for example, the call is terminated or goes to a voicemail box.


Associated Messages

Displays all the messages that are associated with the contact flow.

Double-click a message to view it in the Messages editor at Configure > Messaging > Messages > General tab.

View Contact Flow XMLDisplays the detailed VXML code view of the contact flow.
View XMLDisplays the code used to create the visual modules and connectors of a contact flow, including font specifics, module names, and property values.
Zoom InZoom in on the contact flow on the Contact Flow tab.
Zoom OutZooms out from the contact flow on the Contact Flow tab.
ConnectorDisplays the Connector Setup window through which you can create a link between two modules. Connectors define the outcome of a contact flow for specified actions and let you assign the system code for a disconnect. See Understanding Connectors.
Delete Modules/ConnectorsRemoves the connectors or modules selected on the canvas.
Contact Flow VariablesDisplays the Contact Flow Variables window, through which you can create temporary variables for use in the contact flow. See Working with Variables.
DeployDeploys the contact flow into production. Any messages associated with the contact flow will begin using the contact flow only after it is deployed.
PrintDownloads the contact flow in PDF for print preview and printing.
SaveSaves the changes to the contact flow. The changes do not affect production until the contact flow and its messages are deployed.