An input filter reads the data submitted in your files into a format that can be stored in the LiveVox databases. That is, an input filter is used to process and import the data from a file into the LiveVox Portal (LVP) through field mapping and data transformation. Mapping is the process of creating a link between the source data (file) and the target data (LVP).

Before importing accounts, campaigns, contacts, Do-Not-Contact (DNC) list, or tickets from a file to LVP, you must define an appropriate input filter on LVP.

International Number Dialing

Records in the Input Filter containing the country code are processed as valid numbers for dialing. Using the Input filter, you can upload up to 30 phone numbers for each account in the E.164 format. The E.164 format is as follows: +<Country-Code> followed by the remaining digits. For example, a London UK number in E.164 format is stored as +44 123 456 789. The LiveVox Portal (LVP) validates the phone numbers using the E.164 format. 

Phone numbers without a country code are validated using the Dialing Country of Origin field in the Client editor and are treated as non-international numbers.