You can create copies of the default role types and modify the permissions and security powers in the Roles settings window. The roles that you create in the Roles window appear in the Roles drop-down list on the Info tab of the User window, where you can update the user role by providing less or more permissions to access LiveVox Portal features

For LiveVox standard roles and permission information, see User Roles and Permissions.

Creating a New Role

To add and define new roles:

  1. On the Configure tab of the LiveVox Portal, click System > Roles.
    The Roles window opens. Click Add.
  2. In the General Info section:
    1. Specify a name for the role in the Name field.
    2. Select the LiveVox standard default role from the Select a role to start with the drop-down list, on which the new role needs to be based. 
  3. Click the Next button to start defining security powers in various features in LiveVox Portal.
    Currently, LVP supports defining permissions from the following components:
    • Services Powers
    • Contact and Agent Powers
    • Channels Powers
    • Reports Powers
    • WFO Powers
    • Contact Center CRM Powers
    • Speech IQ Powers
    • Speech IQ QM Config Powers
    • Speech IQ Scoring Powers
    • Speech IQ Reporting Powers
    • System powers
  4. Click Save