The Click Distribution tab is visible only when you select HCI or 10DMT service types from the drop down.


Preferred Click Distribution

This tab allows you to configure the preferred click distribution feature at the service or service group level: 

  • Service - Clicks are routed to the agents assigned directly to this service when you select Services as the preferred click distribution.
  • Service Group - Clicks are routed to the agents assigned to the services associated with the service group when you select Service Group as the preferred click distribution. 

To configure the preferred click distribution, complete the following:

  1. Create a clicker-only HCI or 10DMT service.
  2. Create a Click Distribution service group (UNIFORM_DISTRIBUTION type). For information about creating a service group, see Adding Service Groups.
  3. Assign the HCI or 10DMT clicker-only service you created to this group.
  4. Create and assign a HCI or 10DMT closer service group.
  5. Configure the click distribution of all HCI or 10DMT services.

LiveVox recommends the following when you configure preferred click distribution:

  • Set a similar number for throttle across the services in the group. For information about throttle, see Activity Widget.
  • If the service does not have an active campaign, set throttle to zero.
  • Set 6-8 services per Click Distribution Group for optimal performance.
  • Ensure that there is no huge discrepancy in records within the service group. For example, there should not be 1000 records in one service and 100000 in another service within the same service group.


The fields displayed in this tab are similar to those in Agent Administration.

See the section on Agent Administration for further information about the administration of agents through the LiveVox Portal.

 The Filter/Search interface in the Agent Panel (screenshot above) allows you to search for agents using the magnifier icon. The cog icon in the upper right corner allows you to customize agents' panel columns.