The Block Caller ID editor allows you to create and manage a list of blocked numbers. 

  • The Block Caller ID editor does not allow you to block inbound numbers or the default LiveVox Caller ID which is used to establish Agent Monitoring sessions.
  • New entries may take up to 30 minutes to enforce call blocking.

You can use the Block Caller ID editor for the following tasks:

  • View all blocked phone numbers with Description, Expiration Date, and Created By options. 
  • Search for IDs based on Number or Description.
  • Add, delete, import, and export phone numbers to be blocked. 

Accessing the Block Caller ID Editor

On the Configure tab of LVP, click Voice > Block Caller ID.

The following table describes the buttons in the Block Caller ID editor.

Add NumberAdd an entry to block the specific caller ID.
Delete NumberDelete an Entry.
ImportAdd or adjust entries in bulk. 
ExportExport the details of all blocked phone numbers in CSV format.

The following items are reviewed in this section: