In addition to service groups, the LiveVox Portal supports routing calls to agents based on agent teams. Agent teams are groupings of agents configured by administrative users. If a service is configured to use Agent Team routing, calls are distributed to the group of agents irrespective of the service to which they are signed. This is different from service group routing, which distributes calls to agents logged into the services assigned to the service group.

An agent can only be assigned to one agent team.

Agent Teams Editor

To access the Agent Team editor navigate to Configure > Agents > Agent Teams within the Navigation Panel. You can create, manage, or delete agent teams using this editor. 

You can use the Filter option to search for specific teams.

Filter options can include characters, numerical values, and special characters (such as _, -, *).

Agent Teams within Agents Configuration

The Agents Teams editor displays the Agent Team column to view agents' assigned teams.

You can also filter agents by agent team using the Filter drop-down list and selecting Agent Team.

The Agent Details screen presents the Agent Team drop-down menu, which allows you to assign an agent team to an individual agent. 

The Agent Team Mapping tab within the Agents Team editor allows you to easily map agents from one team to another.

The Agents Teams editor also allows you to assign agent teams to multiple agents through file import function. Users can quickly modify multiple agents.

Agent Teams in Services Editor

You can configure the preferred routing method for a selected service in the Routing tab of the Services editor. You can select Service, Service Group, or Agent Teams Routing. When Agent Team Routing is implemented, you must define the Team Routing Type (routing algorithm) on the Services editor.

The Routing tab is displayed on the Services editor only if the service has an Agent Team or Resource Group assigned.