The LiveVox Contact Center for Salesforce application is an integration between LiveVox’s contact center platform and Salesforce. LiveVox Contact Center for Salesforce provides a single-user interface that makes voice call functionality available for agents. After you install the LiveVox Contact Center for Salesforce application, agents can access the LiveVox agent panel from the Salesforce Utility Bar. The integration allows agents to access customer information, such as call history and account details, within Salesforce, and use it to better serve customers. 

After LiveVox Contact Center for Salesforce is installed, agents can access the LiveVox Agent Panel from the Salesforce utility bar to dial outbound calls and receive inbound calls.

LiveVox Contact Center for Salesforce offers the following functionality:

  • Initiating outbound calls using manual dial
  • Initiating outbound calls using Click To Dial
  • Receiving outbound calls from a campaign
  • Receiving inbound calls
  • Automated logging of call activity

The following enhancements have been made to Contact Center for Salesforce in this release:

  • Agents can now see the reason for outbound manual call failures. For example, if a manual call fails, the reason might be an invalid phone number, the number is on the Do Not Contact list, or the phone number is outside of dialing profile hours, and other such reasons. Agents can see those reasons now.
  • In the Call Transfer window, Supervisor has been renamed Joining Party.
  • When agents changed their service within Salesforce, it resulted in the disconnection of their web audio. Agents had to manually reestablish their web audio.  Starting from this release, when agents change their service within Salesforce, their web audio remains connected.