LiveVox's Agent Desktop feature enables you to configure agent desktops to interact with customers across voice, email, SMS, and webchat. These configurable desktops automate tasks and present you with the information and context you need to succeed from a single window.


This user guide is intended for agents using the LiveVox Agent Desktop feature and administrative users with agent training responsibilities and/or access to configure Agent Desktop-specific settings.


The LiveVox Agent Desktop feature is designed to:

  • Give you quick and easy access to detailed customer profiles that prevent your customers from having to repeat themselves.
  • Enable you to see and understand all previous customer interactions, across other channels, on one platform.
  • Consolidate all of the tools and information you need to resolve customer interactions, in one space.
  • Enable scripts that can guide you through various customer interactions, including onboarding, account servicing, support, and sales.
  • Adhere to compliance and other regulatory requirements for voice and digital channels.


The LiveVox Agent Desktop feature can:

  • Improve customer service and increase your productivity by simplifying complex interactions and technical tools.
  • Reduce your resolution time and improve your efficiency.

For more information, see the following sections: