Agents using the HCI desktop to launch manual calls are often referred to as Clicker or HCI Agents whereas agents receiving the connected calls are referred to as Closer Agents.

  • Clicker Agents: Agents who are signed in to the HCI service to manually select and launch calls from the HCI desktop
  • Closer Agents: Agents handling calls that are manually initiated through the HCI service
  • HCI Clicker agents can place themselves into a Not Ready state (including break codes, if enabled) as needed.  When Clicker Agents are in the Ready state, they can continue to manually initiate calls. 
  • Permitted users (Supervisors) can change the status of HCI Agents from the Agent Panel within LiveVox Portal (LVP).  For more information about status changes, review Status Updates, Service Switch and Messages by Manager.

To sign in to an HCI service, select HCI from the service drop-down menu in the sign-in screen, as shown below.

Once logged in as a Clicker Agent, you are presented with the HCI desktop.  This interface allows you to launch calls (destined for Closer Agents) manually by clicking the Confirm button or the Enter key on your keyboard.  The panel displays a list of phone numbers to be dialed in the Call Confirmation panel.  Depending on your manager's settings, the numbers on the Call Confirmation phone list might be hidden.  The panel also provides a dashboard with the following statistics and graphs to help you know how quickly to launch calls:

  • Calls In Progress: Number of calls currently in progress for the HCI service.
  • Records Remaining: Number of accounts left to attempt.
  • Calls On Hold: Current calls on hold for the Closer Agents.
  • Available Agents: Total number of Closer Agents ready to receive a connection.

HCI Select

The following screen shows the HCI-Select feature enabled on the Agent Desktop.
The agent first selects any number with an initial click. The selected number will then show as a “Dial” button for the agent to perform a second click which initiates the call to the customer.