The 10-Digit Manual with Transfer service (10DMT) is a special service that facilitates more efficient manual dialing. Agents using the 10DMT desktop to manually enter the numbers are referred to as "10DMT" Agents or call initiators whereas agents receiving manually initiated calls are referred to as "Closer" Agents.  

To sign in to the 10DMT service, select 10DMT service from the service drop-down list in the sign-in screen as shown below.

Once signed in as a 10DMT Agent, you will be presented with the 10DMT Agent Desktop.  This interface allows you to launch calls manually by entering the 10 digits of the telephone number on the screen. A call will not launch until you enter all the numbers of the ten-digit phone number. Each of the digits must be entered individually, accurately, and one at a time. The ten-digit number cannot be copied or pasted into the interface. If an incorrect number is entered, the system will alert you and prompt for the correct 10 digit number to be entered. Once you enter the 10th digit correctly (and all previous numbers are also correct), the call is then launched.

  • The 10DMT desktop will not accept an incomplete or incorrect number. 10DMT agents must enter the full phone number with digits in the correct sequence before the call will launch.
  • 10DMT agents are not able to copy/paste the number.
  • Agents signed into 10DMT services will only be able to move via the Change Service feature into other 10DMT services.

The 10DMT agent panel provides you with the following statistics and graphs:

  • Calls Left for Agent: Total number of phones which have been assigned to the agent for dialing.
  • Calls In Progress: Number of calls currently in progress for the service.
  • Records Remaining: Number of accounts left to attempt.
  • Calls On Hold: Current calls on hold for the Closer agents.
  • Available Agents: Total number of Closer agents ready to receive a connection.