With the LiveVox U-CRM tool, your agents can easily navigate between consumer channels while on a call. You can create and design an agent's desktop per the business request. Using the tool, you can ensure that agents gets all the required information quickly on their desktop. Creating and designing an agent desktop using the U-CRM tool is easy and does not require coding knowledge. With a few steps, your agent desktop is ready to be used by an agent. 

You can refer to the flow diagram as it describes the process and steps required for creating an agent desktop. The details for each of these sections is explained in the following sub-section:

  1. Log in to the LiveVox portal as a Manager, System Administrator, or Super User. 

    • You can create an agent desktop using the above roles.
    • LiveVox provides a default desktop for the agents, but to customize the agent desktop, you must have a U-CRM license. For more information on Billing details, see .Working with a Designer Desktop vU17.
  2. Accessing a Designer Desktop
  3. Creating a Designer Desktop
  4. Designing an Agent Desktop
  5. Managing an Agent Desktop Page
  6. Working with the Settings, Preview, and Change History Tabs
  7. Defining Element Properties
  8. Publishing a Designer Desktop
  9. Assigning a Designer Desktop to an Agent Desktop
  10. Accessing the Designer Desktop on an Agent Desktop
  11. Managing a Designer Desktop