U-Script is a tool that enables you to build dynamic scripts to guide an agent through various customer interactions (for example, onboarding, processing accounts, submitting surveys, diagnosing issues, and fulfilling orders). U-Script, lets you define dynamic workflows and scripts that help agents deliver consistent and clear communications to customers regardless of whether you’re running an inbound, outbound, or fully blended contact center. U-Script pulls together all relevant information your agents might need for any call scenario using LiveVox’s native Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Contact Manager. Contact Manager eliminates data silos between multiple systems and eradicates the frustrating click-through of different screens so your agents can concentrate on the matter at hand.

You can make API calls to external web-enabled platforms and trigger automated actions at specific points within your script. The script information is recorded and saved in Contact Manager for analysis.

The agent can capture the information while on a call with the customer, the tool functions as a navigation screen for an agent to traverse between screens. Based on your knowledge of the business workflows and the tasks your agents need to complete while on a call, you can create scripts that range from simple step-by-step guides to more complex scenarios involving conditional logic.

You can access U-Script by accessing Designer and then clicking the Scripts tab.

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