The Scheduled Callback editor allows permitted administrative users to view all the callback records including those scheduled by agents through the Agent Desktop, as well as those scheduled through an interactive voice response (IVR).

The system performs the following checks when you submit a callback record:

  • Ensures that callbacks are scheduled on the original service where they were launched.
  • Ensures that the requested callback date and time are not in the past. You can schedule future callbacks up to 90 days in advance. 
  • Ensures that the requested time is within the acceptable dialing window, as defined for that specific service if the callback is scheduled for the same day.
  • Ensures that compliance rules regarding permissible dialing windows are reviewed at the time an agent schedules a callback if the callback occurs today.

For example, if an agent has scheduled a call at 10:00 am, a permitted administrative user can view and reschedule the call to 10:30 am. 

For information about the roles and permissions associated with Scheduled Callback, see the User Roles and Permissions section in the Product Documentation Library.

This section covers the options available to view and edit future callbacks scheduled by agents.