This section covers the Service, Call Center, Client, and Business Unit editors. These editors allow you to create and update settings across the LiveVox Portal. For example, you can set up phone numbers, security parameters, and types of reports. The following terms are reviewed in this section:

  • Managing Clients: A client is a LiveVox Portal with a unique ID. 
  • Working with Call Centers: A call center is a logical grouping of services used for reporting and user-access control. You can configure call centers in the Call Center editor. The Call Center editor allows you to update settings such as the names and associated business units of the call center.  
  • Managing Service Groups: A service group is a virtual grouping of services used for call routing or reporting. You can map service groups, add service groups, and delete service groups.
  • Working with the Services Editor: A service is a virtual agent group with predefined attributes including but not limited to messaging, compliance rules, and termination codes. A service exists within a single call center. The settings for a Service determine how agents handle interactions or reach out to customers through voice, chat, SMS, or email channels. For example, manual service handles manual calls.
  • Business Units:  Business units are divisions within an organization. For example, you can configure a customer outreach business unit in a marketing organization. You can configure business units according to divisions within your organization.  Entities such as a call center (contact center) or an agent team associated with the business unit are displayed in the Associated Entities tab.