To access an input filter:

  1. On the Configure tab of the LiveVox Portal (LVP), click Input / Output > Input Filter.
    The Input window appears.

  2. In the Input Filter(s) field, select the input filter.
    The input filter appears.

The Input window contains the following tabs:



Displays the general information and settings on the selected input filter.

The Transformation and Entities tabs display when the Input Filter Target is anything other than Contact.


Displays a list of transformations associated with the selected input filter. For details on how to create transformation, see Creating Transformations.

  • Add Transformation: Adds a new transformation to the selected input filter.
  • Delete Transformation: Deletes the selected transformation.
  • Save Transformation(s): Saves all updates for the transformations.

Displays which entities (Client, Call Centers, or Services) have the selected input filter assigned.

    • Type: Displays the object type the input filter is associated with, whether a Service or a Client.
    • ID: Displays the unique ID for the Client or Service.
    • Name: The descriptive name of the Service or Client.

To associate the entities with the filter, go to Configure > Client/Services > Messaging > Default Input Filter/Input Filter