The Routing tab enables you to view and select the preferred routing method being Service, Service Group, or Agent Teams.  

The Routing tab will not be displayed if the ACD mode option of "No ACD" is selected in General Tab.

Preferred Routing

The available options are:

  • Service routing: Displays the agents associated with the service. These are the agents who have been granted the ability to "log into" the service directly.  
  • Service group routing: Displays the service group to which the inbound or outbound service is associated as well as the agents associated with these services.  Additionally, displays the Service Group Routing Type for the target service group.  
  • Agent Teams routing: Displays the agent teams assigned to the service as well as the agents belonging to the assigned agent teams. Additionally, displays the Agent Team Routing Type for the target agent team.  


Agent section allows you to view existing agents and their characteristics. Double-click the agent row to update their details.

The Filter/Search interface allows you to search for Agents using the magnifier icon. The cog icon in the upper right-hand corner allows you to customize agents panel columns and enables you to view all the details of the agents.

For more information on agent characteristics and filter/search tools, please visit the Viewing Existing Agents and Creating Agents and Agent Profiles sections