The Portal tab enables you to configure the settings for Agent Desktop and the LiveVox Portal.

The following table describes the fields that appear on the Portal tab.

Agent Desktop

Default Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) screen for agents.

This value is used only if the corresponding field in the service does not contain a value.

Supervisor to Agent ChatIndicates if a supervisor can initiate a chat with an agent.
Default Agent Phonebook 

Default phonebook for agents. 

This value is used only if the corresponding field in the call center or service does not contain a value.

Agent Call In Number Groups

Enables you to manage call-in numbers for your agents through the Agent Call In Number Groups window.

Use Agent Desktop AudioIndicates if an agent can establish an audio connection by using their computer audio.
Use WebsocketsIndicates if the Agent Desktop uses the WebSockets protocol.
Click over this area to upload a new image

Enables you to upload a unique icon to your portal by using the Apply button. This icon appears on the top-left corner of your portal.

Before you can upload an icon, ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  • Maximum size: 720 pixels (width) and 540 pixels (height)
  • Minimum size: 128 pixels (width) x 36 pixels (height)
  • Recommended size: 385 pixels (width) and 108 pixels height)
  • Minimum resolution: 150 pixels per inch
  • Recommended resolution: 300 pixels per inch

To revert to the original image, use the Reset Image button.

After you modify the settings, click Save.